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Ghanzi Trailblazers
Grasslands Bushman Lodge

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Thakadu Camp
Thakadu Camp
Thakadu Camp is a lodge situated just south of Ghanzi, overlooking a calcrete pan and floodlit waterhole frequented by indigenous wildlife, including a wonderful variety of birds. Thakadu (which means 'Aardvark' in the local language of Botswana) offers accommodation, activities, and a well stocked bar and restaurant.
Grasslands Bushman Lodge
As our name suggests, our main activity is based on our cultural activities with our local San people. Guests get the opportunity to meet our local San people and to spend time with them. This is truly an amazing experience and gives the San people a feeling of appreciation as their culture is on the verge of extinction.
Ghanzi Trailblazers
Ghanzi Trail Blazers caters for visitors wishing to have a genuine glimpse of a fast disappearing, unique and ancient culture. We offer a number of activities to interact with the San/Bushman, and to discover how they survived in the Kalahari. Ghanzi Trail Blazers is located 4km from the main road.