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Bradt Travel Guide to Botswana Travel Africa Magazine Lonely Planet Guide to Botswana & Namibia Africa Geographic Getaway Magazine
Getaway Magazine
“For 23 years Getaway magazine has explored South Africa and beyond, bringing readers reliable, world-class travel information, inspiration and advice.”
Africa Geographic is the continent’s premier wildlife and conservation magazine. It is founded in a celebration of Africa’s wild places and all the creatures living there. Ours is a never-ending journey of exploration and discovery.”
Lonely Planet Guide to Botswana & Namibia 2nd edition includes 93 detailed and easy to use maps, great tips from locals and experienced travellers plus reading guides and suggested itineraries. A special colour wildlife section and National parks chapter help you plan the perfect safari.”
Travel Africa Magazine was launched in September 1997 as a magazine for everyone with a love of the African continent and to help inspire and inform African travellers. Our emphasis on the practicalities of travel in Africa will help you to plan your next safari and will address some of your concerns about travel in this vast continent.”
Bradt Travel Guide to Botswana (by Chris McIntyre)
“This third edition of Bradt's Botswana Safari Guide: Okavango, Kalahari, Chobe provides unrivalled coverage of the region's wildlife, environment and history, as well as a thorough evaluation of when, where and how to go. Accommodation options for all budgets – from lodges to hotels – are fully revised and updated.”
African Birdlife Magazine
African Birdlife Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and includes well-written articles and stunning photographs of our continent’s birds.”