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Situated in the east of Botswana bordering South Africa and Zimbabwe, the Tuli Block is a lesser known wildlife area. The main attraction is the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, which forms part of a Transfrontier Conservation Area, however there are a few private reserves outside of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve which also have good wildlife.

From South Africa access is via Pont Drift, Platjan or Zanzibar border posts - all of which can be impassible when the water level in the river is high. If these borders are closed then the closest border post is Martin's Drift to the south.
Coming from Phikwe or Palapye you will travel either via Bobonong (for Northern
Tuli Game Reserve), or via Sefophe or Sherwood (for the private reserves).

Giraffe - Tuli Safari LodgeWildlife
Eastern Botswana is quite different with mopane
woodland and rocky outcrops giving way to riverine forest along the Limpopo River. There is a healthy Elephant population here as well as animals such as Giraffe, Zebra and various antelope. The rocky outcrops are habitat for Klipspringer, Baboon, Rock Dassie and Leopard whilst the shy Bushbuck can be spotted along the Limpopo. In the Northern Tuli Lion, Hyena and Wild Dog occur although as the reserve isn't fenced these
predators can also be seen in the surrounding reserves.
Birdlife is excellent with migrants such as Southern Carmine Bee-eater and Broadbilled Roller seen. Along the river you can see waterbirds such as Goliath Heron and Black Crake whilst the riverine forest is habitat for African Green-Pigeon and Black-collared Barbet.

There is a range of accommodation available from camping and self-catered chalets to upmarket lodges. On some of the private reserves self-drives are permitted but in the Northern Tuli game drives can only be done through the lodges themselves.

See below for a selection of photos taken in the Tuli Block:
Limpopo River Lodge, Tuli Block Limpopo River Lodge, Tuli Block

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