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Oddballs Camp
Oddballs Camp


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These three camps are situated on a small island in the Western Delta, on the edge of Moremi Game Reserve.

Delta Camp - the most expensive of the three is on the eastern end of the island amongst tall shady trees. The rooms here are designed to blend into the surroundings and are open giving you a true wilderness experience.

Oddballs Enclave - with just 5 tents clustered round a central dining area and viewing deck, this mid-range Camp offers you a more exclusive experience when compared to the other two Camps.

Oddballs Camp - a more budget option with 16 en-suite Dome tents and a large communal area which has a well-situated sundowner deck.

What to see and do

Your flight to this island is an activity in itself and gives you an appreciation of the vast expanse of lagoons and waterways that make up this pristine wildernesMokoro Trip - Oddballs Camps. Look out for Elephants and Hippos which can be seen from the air.

Mokoro trips
Nothing can quite match the tranquillity of gliding slowly across the lily-covered waterways of the Okavango with the sounds of frogs and birds serenading you. Short excursions are available or alternatively you can take a picnic and do a full day trip, returning back to the Camp in time for your evening meal.

Nature Walks
Explore the islands of the Okavango on foot keeping a keen out for birds such as the shy Pel's Fishing Owl, whilst learning about the fascinating plants and trees of the Delta.  

Overnight Excursions
If you are staying for more than 1 night you can do an overnight, catered camping trip onto one of the pristine islands in the Okavango. A guide and cook will accompany you at all times and meals will be prepared for you whilst you explore the area in your mokoro or on foot.


Reed Frog - Oddballs EnclaveDue to being almost permanently flooded, wildlife viewing in the immediate vicinity is limited to Elephants, Hippos, Baboons and Monkeys however the nearby Chief's Island is home to a wide variety of animals including Giraffe, Lechwe, Buffalo and Warthog as well as the occasional Leopard. Lions sometimes pass through the area. Your guide will also point out the fascinating insects and frogs including the tiny reed frogs.

The Okavango is a birding paradise with numerous kingfishers, herons and egrets regularly seen. Lookout for the rare Slaty Egret and Pel's Fishing Owl which are found in the area. The haunting call of the Fish Eagle is a memory not soon forgotten.


Oddballs Camp features 16 dome tents each with an ensuite outdoor bathroom. The communal dining area features wooden tables and benches in a 'backpackers' style. Above the dining area there is a sundowner deck.

At Oddballs Enclave there are 5 A-frame bedded tents, each with their own deck and an en-suite outdoor toilet and shower area. The central dining area, where meals are served, is built on a raised timber deck with views over the surrounding floodplain. There is also a cosy seating area as well as a cash bar.

Delta Camp also has its dining area on a raised timber deck, although it is considerably larger than Oddballs Enclave. The rooms are more secluded and have been constructed using reeds and other natural materials which gives a more natural feel.







Oddballs, Oddballs Enclave & Delta Camp