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Arguably Botswana's most beautiful reserve, Moremi Game Reserve is situated in the eastern section of the Okavango Delta and as a result has a biodiversity second to none in Botswana. More than half of the reserve is inaccessible to vehicles as it consists of lagoons, marshes and seasonal channels. The Eastern section of the Reserve combines mopane woodland, flooded pans and open floodplains and is one of the finest wildlife destinations in Africa. Moremi's roads especially in the Khwai and Xakanaxa areas are often flooded when the Delta waters rise so it is advisable to check before you travel to ensure these areas of the reserve are accessible.

The southern entrance gate (Maqwee gate) is located 100km north of Maun (40km of which is tar to Shorobe, the rest is a gravel road with deep sandy patches). The Reserve is also accessible from Chobe via Khwai in the north.

Lion - Khwai, Moremi Game ReserveWildlife
As one of the best wildlife reserves in the whole of Africa this Reserve is a must for any tourist on safari in Botswana. There are three main areas for game viewing, namely the Khwai river floodplain, Xakanaxa and Third Bridge. Of these my personal favourite is Khwai with vast open floodplains and mopane forests. Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog and Cheetah are frequently encountered whilst Elephants are common throughout the reserve as are Giraffe and Zebra as well as numerous antelope. Please note that crocodiles are found in all the flowing channels in the Reserve and swimming is prohibited.

The Reserve has 4 campsites at Maqwee Gate, Khwai, Xakanaxa and Third Bridge. All of them have basic ablution blocks with the occasional braai stand and table. Khwai campsite is situated on the banks of the Khwai river making it one of the most pleasant campsites in Botswana.
There are standpipes at all of the campsites however the water is not suitable for drinking unless it is chemically treated and boiled.

See below for a selection of photos taken in Moremi Game Reserve:
Elephant - Moremi Game Reserve Elephant - Moremi Game Reserve

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