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General Info
Within the national parks and game reserves there are no facilities or amenities other than ablution blocks and braai stands, at some campsites, therefore all visitors are advised to be totally self-sufficient.
Although the road networks between main centres are tarred and in good condition, many of the access tracks that lead to the parks and reserves, and the tracks within the protected areas, are rough and sandy, making a 4x4 vehicle essential. Always carry a container of water, extra fuel and basic spares when travelling within these areas.
Camping is only permitted in designated campsites. Please ensure that you leave behind no sign of your stay. Sleeping outside without a protective shelter is extremely dangerous as none of the campsites are fenced. Always fasten your tent flaps at night to avoid unwelcome visits by scorpions and snakes. When camping in areas where monkeys, baboons and hyena are present, remember to secure your foodstuffs in your vehicle. Baboons and monkeys have become very brazen and will snatch foodstuffs from a camp table or out of vehicles if the camper's attention is diverted.
Be aware that in the north of Botswana there are malaria carrying mosquitos and you are advised to take the necessary precautions against this disease. For more information provided by the Department of Tourism on this and other health risks click here.
Access to the parks and reserves has been limited in order to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience and can feel the wilderness atmosphere. Because of this, advance bookings for campsites are essential.
Always stay on the established tracks in order to avoid the ugly scars left by off-road driving. Stay below the 40 kph speed limit for the safety of wildlife and yourselves, and to keep down dust.
Remember all wild animals are dangerous, even those that frequent the campsites. Please do not feed them as this leads to them becoming aggressive and often results in them having to be shot.
Please conserve firewood by using your own gas cooker and only have a fire at night for social purposes.
Please help to keep these wild areas clean and litter free, so that everyone can enjoy their pristine beauty.
Elephant - Moremi Game Reserve
Elephant - Moremi Game Reserve


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