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Cresta Marang Hotel Tati River Lodge
Tati River Lodge
Our Mophane grill is bathed in rich wooden furniture giving it a very cozy atmosphere. The restaurant comes with a terrace accommodating up to 300 people and it offers mouth watering cuisine inspired by the many flavours of Africa. This bistro boasts an extensive menu of colourfully decorated dishes.
The Cresta Marang Hotel is on the banks of the Tati River, and is a charming country hotel. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests and serves a buffet breakfast and lunch, as well as an a la carte dinner. The quaint Fox and Hound Cocktail Bar is open till late and offers light snacks.
This well-known restaurant specializes in Afro-Portuguese chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot Peri-Peri marinades. Nandos Francistown is located within the Galo centre on the right hand side as you cross the second roundabout coming from the A1.
Fast food chain offering burgers, grills, cooked breakfasts, salads & wraps as well as a variety of sundaes and ice-creams. Situated within the Nzano Shopping Centre - on the left hand side as you enter Francistown from Gaborone.
Spur Steak Ranch
Spur Steak Ranches are known for their sumptuous grilled food including burgers, ribs and steaks. This restaurant offers a warm, relaxed, family-friendly environment with generous portions of great tasting food. Spur Francistown is located on the right hand side just after the second roundabout as you enter from the A1.
Spur Steak Ranch