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This is the largest game reserve in Botswana and at almost 53,000 sq km (equivalent to Burundi and Rwanda combined) is the second biggest in the world.
Renowned for its vast and unspoilt tracts of land this reserve is the place to go if you are seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation.

Situated in the centre of Botswana the reserve can be accessed either from the east near Rakops, the west near Ghanzi or in the south through Khutse Game Reserve.
Matswere Gate, CKGRThe reserve is split into two areas - the northern part of the reserve which is the most frequently visited part and the remote southern section of the reserve where visitors are scarce. Because of this it is only advisable to travel south of the Deception Valley area if you are in a convoy of more than two vehicles and have sufficient supplies if you get stranded.

Despite the lack of some of the larger mammals such as Elephant, Hippo and Buffalo this reserve nevertheless can be equally as rewarding as the more popular game reserves. The Kalahari is renowned for its impressive black-maned lions and the habitat of wide open pans makes this reserve one of the best places for seeing Cheetah in Botswana.

The CKGR has a number of campsites each pleasantly situated though remember that there are no facilities provided as civilisation is kept to a bare minimum. In my opinion some of the best campsites are Sunday Pan 2 & 3, the Kori campsites and the campsites at Piper's Pan though the latter are a good 100km from the more frequented Deception Valley area of the Reserve.

See below for a selection of photos taken in the CKGR:
Gemsbok - Central Kalahari Game Reserve Gemsbok - Central Kalahari Game Reserve

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